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  • Youth Fitness Self-Study Certification Course

Youth Fitness Self-Study Certification Course

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The NFPA Youth Fitness Trainer (NFPA-YFT) certification is designed for individuals that work with or would like to work with youth in general fitness or sports specific training. Our main goal in creating this certification was to promote a true knowledge and understanding of safe, scientific based training techniques focused on each specific age group. Too often in the world of fitness, coaching, or teaching; the young athletes is viewed as a "mini-adult". This attitude puts the child/adolescent at risk for injury.

NFPA Youth Fitness Certification Self Study Course Includes:

  • NFPA Youth Fitness Trainer Resource Manual
  • Workbook / Exam Study Guide
  • "Foundations of Strength Training" DVD
  • NFPA Youth Fitness Trainer Certification Examination