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Renewal Process

To ensure ongoing competency and to maintain a high standard as a NFPA certified professional, every NFPA credential is reviewed on an annual basis. The NFPA accepts recertification applications up to the certification expiration date. If the recertification application is received 30 or more days after the expiration date a $30 late fee will be imposed. The NFPA office reviews all recertification packets utilizing the check list below:

  • complete certification renewal application
  • payment included
  • photocopy of your NFPA certificate
  • the correct number of continuing education credits
  • copies of materials or completion of workshop attended
  • continuing education credits supplied by approved providers
  • copy of current CPR certification
  • petition application included if applicable

A total of 10 approved continuing education credit (CEC) hours must be acquired annually to renew your certification. If you are certified in two or more credentials, you will only need a total of 10 CEC’s. A total of 4 of your 10 required CEC’s must be NFPA workshops or correspondence courses. You may also obtain CEC’s through other approved workshops. You must submit a petition application form for approval. If you accumulate more than the required (10) CEC’s, those credits are not applicable toward a future certificate.

Continuing education credits (CEC’s) can be earned the following ways after you become certified:

  • Attending professional education meetings or workshops that offer CEC’s from NFPA or other nationally recognized organizations.
  • Taking and receiving a passing grade in a health or fitness or exercise science related course from an accredited college or university.
  • Teaching or instructing health, fitness, or clinical lecturers in an organized professional conference.

After the member recertification application packet is reviewed, accepted and processed, expect:

  • A letter informing you of the recertification acceptance.
  • A current certificate.
  • A new recertification packet will be issued.

If applications are incomplete, applicant does not have the correct number of CEC’s, or they are not from an accepted provider, or applications do not contain proper payment amounts, the applicant will be notified by letter from the NFPA informing them of their status. Applicants are given 30 days to complete the recertification application before they assessed a late charge.

CEC PETITION PROCESS                           

Applicants who did not obtain CEC’s from an approved provider will need to submit a petition application. A $15.00 petition fee is applicable. Petition applications are included in your recertification packets, available upon request, or can be obtained on our website at Each CEC Petition must include:

  • Copy of the course materials (workshop/lecture).
  • Course instructor resume including education history.
  • Certificate of workshop completion.


Late recertification applications are accepted up to 120 days post expiration and applicants are assessed a late fee. All applications exceeding the 120 day grace period shall no longer hold valid certification through the NFPA and must complete the reinstatement process to obtain the NFPA credential. All Fees on listed on the Certification Renewal Application.