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Continuing Education Requirements

An NFPA Fitness Professional is required to obtain ten (10) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) to maintain their certification status. This is a process in which all professional accredited teaching certifications require. Our CEC requirement seeks to aid in increasing the knowledge and inspiration of the NFPA Professional.

The CEC requirement begins after successfully obtaining your NFPA certification. The certification is renewed on an annual basis. If you obtain two or more NFPA certifications, you will still only need a total of 10 CEC’s. Four (4) of your 10 required CEC’s must be NFPA seminars or correspondence courses. You may also obtain CEC’s through other approved credible fitness workshops. We require submission of a CEC Petition Application Form for approval of fitness workshops/seminars that are not NFPA.

Continuing education is a necessary part of maintaining your professional certificate status. As a fitness professional, continual education in areas that you wish to specialize in and/or enhancing your existing skill level is extremely beneficial to the advancement of your client and also your career.