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  • Build the ULTIMATE Athlete - Dec. 12, 2015

Build the ULTIMATE Athlete - Dec. 12, 2015



This NFPA Sport Performance Series seminar is created specifically for coaches and trainers that work with athletes of all ages and all levels. We will break down the True Blueprint that leads to success. A blueprint that is science based and researched is the one that produces real results in every sport, for both male and female athletes. This is a can’t miss opportunity to gain real understanding from the experts who not only test the “latest and greatest training techniques”, but the one who consistently gets results with athletes. Additionally, you will learn how to design programs for in-season, off-season and pre-season athletes.
Every coach or trainer wants that extra advantage over their competition, this seminar will give you the blueprint to optimize the strength, power and speed of your athletes.
Seminar includes:
o Philosphy of training (for performance/injury risk reduction)
o Physiology of the athlete (why we do what we do)
o Assessment
o Warm up
o Movement
o Power exercises
o Strength exercises
o Speed/agility/change of direction
o Plyometrics
o Conditioning for sport
o Flexibility
o Seasonal programming
o Progression and regression