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Welcome to NFPA

The NFPA comprehensive training program seeks to give our students understanding that they can use, not just the science without regard toward practical application. With the knowledge and understanding acquired through completion of the NFPA certification program, you will gain the abilities to translate that information into practical and functional training techniques, thereby promoting the growth and success of your fitness career as well as those individuals you work with. As an NFPA fitness professional you’re equipped to change lives by implementing the safe and effective training techniques acquired through all NFPA programs.

About NFPA

National Fitness Professionals Association (NFPA) based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,is a nationally recognized network of fitness professionals providing education to the fitness industry since 1985. Our certifications and workshops are presented by Fitness Professionals with health and fitness degrees in addition to years of practical experience. NFPA offers Personal Trainer Certification, Aerobic/Group Fitness Instructor Certification, and Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification.

Individuals who posses or seek to gain the following character traits will enjoy and find success as a NFPA fitness professional.

  • · Ability to communicate and relate to others.
  • · Self-motivated and able to motivate others.
  • · Passionate about helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.
  • · Always mindful and active in maintaining a safe exercise environment for all fitness levels.
  • · A drive to increase in knowledge as well as understanding new safe training techniques in their chosen area(s) of fitness.

NFPA is committed to a higher standard of education to produce fitness professionals that are competent and confident after completing their certification. The NFPA fitness trainer is educated in designing safe and effective exercise programs to produce positive changes in their students or clients.

Our Mission:

With passion and commitment National Fitness Professionals Association seeks to transform lives through practical education that is grounded with current scientific research. Our comprehensive certifications and workshops promote understanding that provides each student with the necessary clarity of all scientific and practical materials taught. With the knowledge gained from NFPA courses, you will be able to develop a safe and effective exercise program for all fitness levels. "NFPA is Educating to Reshape Lives".

Our Vision:

Transform lives with practical understanding of safe and effective exercise techniques that promote a healthy lifestyle.